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Real Estate Financing: The 3 Main Factors Lenders Consider

Posted on: April 8, 2019 by in BLOG
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The Article Courtesy of Bent Nail Inspections! Buying a new home is an exciting milestone. While finding the right home is essential, the most important step toward homeownership is making sure you're ready to apply for a home loan.Applying for a mortgage is not something people do every day, so it's natural to have questions. There are several factors that help determine a loan decision, along with strategies you can follow to help position yourself for the best loan at the best Continue Reading ...

4 Easy Ways To Pest-Proof Your Home With The Help From Boise Home Inspectors

Posted on: February 24, 2017 by in BLOG, Home Inspections
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It’s late and you’re in your favorite, cozy pajamas. You get in bed and pull up the warm comforter. You turn out the light and are just about to drift off to sleep when you hear a noise coming from the attic. You sit up to listen, but it quickly goes quiet again. You lay back down and close your eyes, and just as you fall asleep, the noise is back, this time it’s coming from inside the wall.You have a visitor — an unwanted visitor.As much as we all enjoy our cozy homes, they are Continue Reading ...

4 Tips To Keep Your Home Warm And Energy Efficient With Boise Home Inspector

Posted on: February 17, 2017 by in BLOG, Home Inspections
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With winter comes the holiday season, a time that's supposed to be associated with "comfort and joy." But how joyful will it be if pests invade your house, or if your home is cold and drafty? Help stay warm all winter long by addressing factors like air leaks from gaps and cracks that can make your home feel uncomfortable."Drafts and heat loss are common problems in the winter, and they affect homes of every age, size and construction," says Gary Parsons, fellow at The Dow Chemical Company. Continue Reading ...

Buying Your First Home? Follow This New Year’s Plan From Boise Home Inspectors

Posted on: February 10, 2017 by in BLOG, Home Inspections
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So buying a new home tops your list of New Year's resolutions. As you picture the big moment - the one where you pull up to your dream home in your moving truck, sprint up and unlock your front door - you probably understand there's something you need to do first. You need to get your finances in shape.Just like those who make resolutions to run a marathon, making this big investment starts with a plan. Runners know that if they run a certain distance each day, it gets them closer to Continue Reading ...

10 Smart Ideas From Boise Home Inspectors To Heat Your Home For Less

Posted on: January 27, 2017 by in BLOG, Home Inspections
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As cooler temperatures begin to sweep the nation, homeowners are turning on their heat for the first time in months. With every degree increase on the thermostat, utility bills follow suit.A warm, comfortable home shouldn't cost you a small fortune. Luckily, there are some simple strategies for combating the chill while lowering heating costs at the same time. Change the filters The summer and fall months are a prime time for airborne allergens and microbes, which can clog furnace filters Continue Reading ...

3 Reasons Why Winter Is A Smart Time To Buy A House With Boise Home Inspectors

Posted on: December 30, 2016 by in BLOG, Home Inspections
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Don't give up on buying a home as winter nears. In fact, December through February may be better for buyers than the busy season in spring and summer. Enjoy less competition and lower prices. Fewer properties are typically available during the winter, as sellers and buyers aim to complete transactions before the school year begins. You can turn that to your advantage."In winter, there are fewer properties, but it's less competitive, with fewer buyers per property," says Greg Jaeger, Continue Reading ...

Should I Get A New Home Inspection?

Posted on: September 30, 2016 by in BLOG, Home Inspections
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Most homebuyers recognize the importance of a home inspection when buying a house from a previous owner. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that a home inspection is equally important for new construction. Many buyers mistakenly believe a home inspection is a repeat of their final building inspection and therefore unnecessary. Additionally, buyers often do not realize how a home inspection for new construction will differ from one for a resale home. Hopefully, we can clarify these Continue Reading ...

7 Simple Steps For Summer Lawn Prep

Posted on: July 22, 2016 by in BLOG, home improvement
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If you're a part of the nearly 90 percent of Americans who believe it's important to have a well-maintained yard, you and your backyard will appreciate these seven simple steps for tending to your natural turf lawn with minimal effort.According to Grass Seed USA, a coalition of American grass seed farmers and academics, investing a little repair time in early spring and a small amount of maintenance time in summer will pay off with a lush lawn ready for all your summer activities. 1. Test Continue Reading ...

Retaining Walls

Posted on: March 3, 2016 by in BLOG, home improvement
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When you picture a retaining wall, do you imagine it holding back dirt? That's the most common use for retaining walls - to address elevation changes and prevent erosion. But concrete segmental retaining wall (SRW) units are multi-purpose landscaping tools with many more uses.Site planners, engineers, landscape architects, designers, developers and builders have long relied on SRWs to manage sloping properties, provide more usable space, or create stadium seating. Homeowners, too, have Continue Reading ...

Gutter Cleaning

Posted on: October 14, 2014 by in BLOG
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Gutter Cleaning Some homeowners clean their gutters using a leaf blower while walking the perimeter of the roof; this is dangerous for the homeowner and, it can cause considerable damage to the roof. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to do the job; however, there are professional companies for hire that can do the job for you. Using a garden hose to wash debris into the downspouts often causes clogs and consequently, more work.Regular cleaning and inspection of your home's gutters and Continue Reading ...