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Helpful information from your friends at Bent Nail Inspections!

As a home buyer, it is essential to learn every detail about the property you are buying. Part of what you need to know is the essentiality of a home inspection. And, before the inspection, you should do your homework first, as a home buyer. Before the inspection itself, review the property disclosures of the seller thoroughly. There may be some issues already listed as you do your review. Be sure to write down the questions, problems and all other concerns about the home you are buying. These are very few of the many home inspection tips you may discover along the way. What’s most important first and foremost, is for you to deal with a trusted home inspection company. One firm you can truly rely on is Bent Nail Inspections.

3 Important Tips to remember

home inspection tips

Before you discover these helpful home inspection tips for buyers, it is important to remember that your presence is vital in the conduct of the inspection. Therefore be sure to block out a couple of hours on your scheduled home inspection. Your home inspector may not be able to give you an exact timeframe for the checking of the property. It will all depend on the issues and areas inside the property that need a thorough inspection. Here are three of the most useful new home inspection tips for you to remember.

  1. Make sure to deal only with a certified home inspector. To guarantee expertise of the person you are dealing with, contact Bent Nail Inspections. Remember that a home inspector is different from a contractor. Every country or state has its standards when it comes to home inspection, and you and your home inspector must meet these standards.
  2. Know the items the home inspection service covers. This firm offers a complete list of things for checking such as the wall coverings, fences, drainage system, water heaters, air conditioning, furnaces, chimneys, and electrical system including the grounding and wires, among others.
  3. Don’t forget to ask for a comprehensive inspection report. Viewing the property personally with the seller and the buyer is just half of the job requirements of the home inspector. After visiting the site, expect the inspector to submit the formal home inspection report detaining all his/her findings and assessments in writing. Tell the home inspector to include photos of the areas and items with problems.

These may only be three of the best tips for a home inspection. This firm that has a team of experts will give you more as you go through the inspection before you close that deal

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