Home Inspection: What You Need to Ask

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From your friends at Bent Nail Inspections!

More often than not, home inspection customers are frequently unsure about the questions to ask during a home inspection. This is one of the most common mistakes home buyers commit—to ask any question they may have. Can you relate? Are you planning to buy a new home and asking a question is the last thing that you intend to do? Now is the best time to change that thinking. List down any question you have in mind and ask the professional home inspectors. Specifically, the Bent Nail Inspection if you want to make sure you are getting the right and professional answer.

Questions to ask

questions to ask during a home inspection

This home inspection firm conducts thorough home inspection to guarantee that a property is in perfect condition before it gets sold. Home inspection questions are essential especially if it is your first time to buy a house. They will help you discover everything about the property you are buying—every corner of it. Below are five (5) of the many possible questions to ask during home inspection:

  1. “Can you show me your home inspection license?” – With this company, you can guarantee an expert inspection service.  Its inspectors are all certified and undoubtedly experienced.
  2. “How should I prepare for a home inspection?” –  If you want to know more of what to ask during home inspection, this is the next important question to ask. Whether you are a home buyer or seller, you should always ready for inspection. As the buyer, listing down the questions is already a kind of preparation.
  3. “What is included in the inspection?” – Before the inspection proper starts, ask this question. Among the items Bent Nail Inspection thoroughly checks are water heaters, chimneys, furnaces, air conditioning, electrical system, wires, main panel, grounding, appliances like dishwashers, garbage disposal, and oven, to name a few.
  4. “Is it still possible for repairs?” –  Once the home inspector traces the problem, this is what to ask during a home inspection. Your inspector’s answer to this question will let you know too, if the repair you need is urgent, or if it is costly.
  5. “What happens if the repair is not possible?” – Financial and time constraints are most of the time causing the damages. If you know the worst problem, you can judge for, and by yourself it major repair is much needed before you move in. Or, if the problem can be still be fixed or not.

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